Want a Successful Air Freight Shipment? Follow These Tips!

Speed is matter in the shipping world. However, other factors should be considered before ship your items by airplane. With a bad calculation, there are more people are failed to get cost and time effective as they predicted for using air freight methods. If you want your air freight Melbourne shipment to be successful, do check out these following factors on air cargo.


  1. Shipping time

The common transit time for air freight shipment is 1-2 days for express or priority air cargo. Meanwhile, for economic shipment, it may take longer about 5-6 days. By learning the transit time, you can estimate your time and choose the shipping method.

  1. Shipment documentation

There is some paperwork that you should prepare in advance before shipping the items. The documentation includes such as Airway Bill of Lading, commercial invoice, packing list, and other required documents. Some shipping items may require additional documents, for example, aquatics certificates, textile documentation, etc.

  1. Value rates

Cargo fee for air freight Melbourne is calculated by its weight. Especially when it is priced by its dimensional weight which takes more space in the cargo, the value will be higher. The rates are usually only valid for a few days.

  1. Commodity restrictions

Not all commodities can be traveled via air. Some rules set what kind of commodities permitted to be shipped and do not. Hazardous materials or dangerous goods such as corrosive, explosive, or radioactive products can’t be easily shipped via air.

  1. Inland transportation

After the air cargo landed, you freight shipment hasn’t ended yet. It will be followed by shipping to the final destination, such as port. If your air freight Melbourne services offer this kind of shipment, you will usually be required an immediate transportation entry at the first port of arrival. The IT ensures that the party who transport the items must be bonded.

  1. Custom entry procedures

There is pre-customs clearance called “wheels up.” It is the customs entry to clear the shipment once the cargo has left from the first airport.

  1. Bond compliance

There are also custom bonds as the single entry on file to successfully import the goods to a country. This insurance is vital to avoid the event when importer fails to pay taxes, duties, and other fees.

  1. Warehouse charges

Your items will be stored in a warehouse before it is delivered via air cargo. You need to pay the handling fee for the warehouse or handling agent in air freight Melbourne so the truck driver can pick your goods up.

  1. Required documents

There will be required additional documents you also need to set. For example, document for export licenses, import cargo, etc.

  1. Cargo insurance

Taking cargo insurance is important to secure your shipment. This insurance will help you to get financial cash back if the shipment is experiencing a natural disaster, damage, mishandling, or other unfortunate events.

So, have you prepared and considered all those air freight Melbourne required factors to get your goods shipped successfully?